Tokyo Map

Here are some simple drawings of map to illustrate how things are. 


In simplest way, Japan is like that...and so is Tokyo. And Motokyo is focusing on the east side of Tokyo in blue highlights, which is called 23 ku (ward or county for you). It's the most exciting area of Tokyo (no offense to the west side people).

Here is the east side of Tokyo. Basically, this is all you need to know (no offense to the west side of people) but this is usually the area people visit and people call it downtown Tokyo. Yamanote line goes around the Tokyo area, as long as you master how to use Yamanote Line, you should be able to get to most of places in Tokyo downtown. 

Sea Bus

Hinode Sanbashi(日の出桟橋)

It's not sea bass. It is actually a bus to get to the places thru Tokyo bay.  There is a station near Hamamatsucho station and my favorite is to go to Asakusa from there on a nice day. You go into the Tokyo bay and go down the river and under some historical bridges in Asakusa. There are several kinds of cruisers and hopefully you get on to the one you like!! There is also a cafe by the station...there is frozen yogurt place and it's good. You can also go to odaiba from there as well.