Kinokuniya Bookstore (紀伊国屋)

Just a great book store.

This bookstore has been open since 1927. My mom always told me to just go Kinokuniya all the time whenever I need to find some books when I was a kid. It’s been around long time and I always thought this store has everything you need. I still love spending time in this book store just because I find something and I get inspired. They have from manga, magazine, text book, foreign books to DVDs. Japanese magazines are so fun and so much information always, also so many niche kind of magazines as well. The foreign books are also available.

  • web/map 

  • address: 3-chōme-17-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tōkyō-to 163-8636, Japan

  • tel: +81 3-3354-0131

  • hours: 10-9pm everyday

  • nearest station: JR Shinjuku Station

Sports lab by Atmos (スポーツラボ・アトモス)

Tokyo latest Sneakers style

If you wanna be a cool street style, this is the place to shop. Get your kicks and rock it!! It’s the Tokyo sneaker style. You will find the best sneaker selection from Nike to domestic brand. Some collaboration models with Atmos are here as well. You can also find the apparel and accessories to go with your sneaker. Original Atmos T-shirt are pretty cool and have the unique Tokyo Street Sneaker graphic on it.  Also, some toys such bearbricks are here to entertain. 


select shops everywhere


All selected for your style. The latest Tokyo Style always.

Select shops are every where now in Tokyo. I suppose people feel comfortable shopping because the fashionable cool, trend savvy people have already selected the style and brands for you.

Here are some select stores in Shibuya, but there are also many other locations across tokyo. Both men’s and women’s are available.

-United Arrows (Web/Map) in Hikarie.

-United Arrow Beauty and Youth(Web/Map)

United Arrows is pretty clean, sophisticated style, matured style versus the Beauty and youth is more casual, street, and affordable label. 

-Beams Shibuya (Web/Map)

Beams is casual street wear, more pop and unique. They also have different label to express their style such as “Beams Boy”, the girl’s boyish style, or “Int'l gallery beams”, for high end sophisticated style. They also have their “Beams Time” the interior goods and T-shirts as well as “Beams time cafe” for the cafe. SOOO MANY BEAMS, but you will never get sick of Beams is the problem!!!

and if you walk around this Beams area, you will find more select shops such Ships, Urban research, Nano Universe, etc.