Robot Restaurant (ロボットレストラン)

The entertainment 

If you have never been to this, it’s worth to watch once. This is very much the tourist spot but even myself as Japanese, I am glad I saw this once. You go in there and totally sees the difference culture, different world, different vision. I don’t even think it’s so Japanese but it’s an entertainment. Don’t go there to eat something. Eat before but go out for food after. You can just have a drink and enjoy the show. Sorry, I don’t even know how to describe this but mix of robot and people are acting and dancing with the music to create this weird culture. It nothing like Disneyland’s show or anything you have seen in the musical. You can get the ticket thru online or I actually bought a ticket at  Harajuku information center.  

  • web/map

  • address: Shinjuku City, Shinjuku robot bldg B2F 1-chōme−7−7, Kabukichō, Shinuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0021

  • tel: +81 3-3200-5500

  • hours: 5 shows a day, first one starting from 1pm.

  • nearest station: Shinjuku

Sea Bus

Hinode Sanbashi(日の出桟橋)

It's not sea bass. It is actually a bus to get to the places thru Tokyo bay.  There is a station near Hamamatsucho station and my favorite is to go to Asakusa from there on a nice day. You go into the Tokyo bay and go down the river and under some historical bridges in Asakusa. There are several kinds of cruisers and hopefully you get on to the one you like!! There is also a cafe by the station...there is frozen yogurt place and it's good. You can also go to odaiba from there as well. 



Good running spot as well as cultural sight.

When you are in Tokyo, you sometimes miss the greens (not to mention salad which you also miss), but big park like Central Park in NY. Yoyogi Park is one of the big park that you could walk or run or just sit down on bench to drink coffee to enjoy the water and green. There is also Meiji  Jingu Shrine in the park to visit. It’s just outside of Harajuku Station.