Don Quijote(ドンキホーテ)

Japanese Costco

This dynamite shopping center offers anything cheap. It's not Costco like, it's the smaller, more Japanese, compact, unique version of it. You can pick party dress, cosmetic, electronics, toys, name it, they probably have it. Anyway, it's in the good city location  like Shibuya and Shinjuku. One time I took my American friends, they were finding some souvenirs to take back home, and they were going thru some toys as well as Japanese snacks. So depends on your needs, it's worth checking out. It's fun to look thru, just like Costco is too. 

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LIFE (ライフ)


Feels like Time has stopped….TOO COMFY IS THE PROBLEM.

If you are enjoying the nice walk around the Yoyogi park, please stop by for lunch or for coffee and dessert. You may end up staying too long because it’s so comfortable and cozy. It gives you energy to live!! Sounds like a big statement, but it is not overstated. Please enjoy the lunch to see your friends to catch up, the restaurant will make you talk more!!! Love the daily lunch set menu. It’s so delicious!


select shops everywhere


All selected for your style. The latest Tokyo Style always.

Select shops are every where now in Tokyo. I suppose people feel comfortable shopping because the fashionable cool, trend savvy people have already selected the style and brands for you.

Here are some select stores in Shibuya, but there are also many other locations across tokyo. Both men’s and women’s are available.

-United Arrows (Web/Map) in Hikarie.

-United Arrow Beauty and Youth(Web/Map)

United Arrows is pretty clean, sophisticated style, matured style versus the Beauty and youth is more casual, street, and affordable label. 

-Beams Shibuya (Web/Map)

Beams is casual street wear, more pop and unique. They also have different label to express their style such as “Beams Boy”, the girl’s boyish style, or “Int'l gallery beams”, for high end sophisticated style. They also have their “Beams Time” the interior goods and T-shirts as well as “Beams time cafe” for the cafe. SOOO MANY BEAMS, but you will never get sick of Beams is the problem!!!

and if you walk around this Beams area, you will find more select shops such Ships, Urban research, Nano Universe, etc.


TOKYO ARTS Expressed in their Latte by Latte Art Champ.

The store was opened by the Japanese Latte Artist in 2010. He decided to open the store after winning the Latte art Championship in Seattle. The store is dedicated to provide the best Latte. The store can be a quick stop to get your morning and afternoon coffee to go or you can stop to eat some donuts or dessert with your coffee. The menu is quite intense, and once you get hooked, I am pretty sure you gonna have to come back for other options. For the first timer, you must try the Streamer Latte, which is their basic latte with beautiful art on top. They have good donuts as well, and one of the interesting donuts I have seen and have not yet tried is the Military donuts. It has the camouflage frosting on top. Other drink I love is the Tokyo Coffee Milk, which is just a simple coffee with milk but it is super tasty during the summer time in Tokyo.Also, they have the options for Affogato, which is a ice cream with espresso. It's simple dessert BUT they have the varieties!!!    

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