Garari Sendagaya(がらり千駄ヶ谷)


This place is for lunch and dinner. As you can tell from the entrance, it is legit Japanese spot. Off-course, there will be no English menu. This place knows how to use Miso. Lunch menu is a bento style, you pick the main dish (usually fish or meat) and comes with rice and miso soup. Miso soup is so good that you can keep eating rice and miso!!!  For dinner, it becomes a super nice cozy spot to drink. You can start with vegetable sticks, using the miso as dip. You can also pick some seafood as well. My favorite is Shake-Miso yaki, which is grilled salmon with miso. You can also get your favorite miso and use miso as an appetizer to your drink. My favorite is drink sake or shochu with miso. Little by little to spend your cozy night with friends.