Afuri (阿夫利 原宿)


Afuri ramen in Harajuku. The spirit of this Afuri ramen started from the Mount Afuri in Kanagawa Prefecture. The natural water from the mountain is the key ingredient to the fine and delicate broth of Afuri ramen. The Yuzu Shio Ramen is their signature ramen and you can see why the broth is their thing! And the hand made thin noodle works well with this soup! Writing it makes me hungry already! It usually is a line but if you go outside of the Busy lunch time, wait is not too bad. 

  • Web/Map

  • address: 3 chome-63-1 Sendagya, Shibuya Tokyo 151-0051

  • tel: +81 3-6438-1910

  • 10am-11pm everyday

  • nearest station: Harajuku (JR)




It really does not matter whatever you pronounce this coffee spot. It's everywhere you walk Tokyo or maybe Japan. It's almost as many as you see Starbucks in US. It's the everyday coffee spot. It's nice and cheap. I am alright with their coffee but what I rally like is their sandwich. The Milano sandwich is awesome with ham and procioutto.  Another one I like is their Letuce Dog. I know people in US don't put lettuce in their Hot Dogs. But it's Japanese way and give a try. It's pretty much everywhere and does not make sense to add google map but I will list the Harajuku store below. 

  • address: 1 Chome−13-18 Jingumae Shibuya Tokyo 150-0001

  • tel: +81 3-3478-0323

  • hours: 7am-10pm everyday

  • nearest station: Harajuku

LIFE (ライフ)


Feels like Time has stopped….TOO COMFY IS THE PROBLEM.

If you are enjoying the nice walk around the Yoyogi park, please stop by for lunch or for coffee and dessert. You may end up staying too long because it’s so comfortable and cozy. It gives you energy to live!! Sounds like a big statement, but it is not overstated. Please enjoy the lunch to see your friends to catch up, the restaurant will make you talk more!!! Love the daily lunch set menu. It’s so delicious!



Good running spot as well as cultural sight.

When you are in Tokyo, you sometimes miss the greens (not to mention salad which you also miss), but big park like Central Park in NY. Yoyogi Park is one of the big park that you could walk or run or just sit down on bench to drink coffee to enjoy the water and green. There is also Meiji  Jingu Shrine in the park to visit. It’s just outside of Harajuku Station. 




TOKYO ARTS Expressed in their Latte by Latte Art Champ.

The store was opened by the Japanese Latte Artist in 2010. He decided to open the store after winning the Latte art Championship in Seattle. The store is dedicated to provide the best Latte. The store can be a quick stop to get your morning and afternoon coffee to go or you can stop to eat some donuts or dessert with your coffee. The menu is quite intense, and once you get hooked, I am pretty sure you gonna have to come back for other options. For the first timer, you must try the Streamer Latte, which is their basic latte with beautiful art on top. They have good donuts as well, and one of the interesting donuts I have seen and have not yet tried is the Military donuts. It has the camouflage frosting on top. Other drink I love is the Tokyo Coffee Milk, which is just a simple coffee with milk but it is super tasty during the summer time in Tokyo.Also, they have the options for Affogato, which is a ice cream with espresso. It's simple dessert BUT they have the varieties!!!    

Web/Map(shibuya) Map (harajuku)

Garari Sendagaya(がらり千駄ヶ谷)


This place is for lunch and dinner. As you can tell from the entrance, it is legit Japanese spot. Off-course, there will be no English menu. This place knows how to use Miso. Lunch menu is a bento style, you pick the main dish (usually fish or meat) and comes with rice and miso soup. Miso soup is so good that you can keep eating rice and miso!!!  For dinner, it becomes a super nice cozy spot to drink. You can start with vegetable sticks, using the miso as dip. You can also pick some seafood as well. My favorite is Shake-Miso yaki, which is grilled salmon with miso. You can also get your favorite miso and use miso as an appetizer to your drink. My favorite is drink sake or shochu with miso. Little by little to spend your cozy night with friends.


Ichiran Ramen (一蘭)

Alone Time for your ramen

Ichiran is the chain ramen store came from the southern Japan, which is known for its delicious porkbone soup with thin noodles. This place is little different in terms of how you will experience the ramen. You first buy the the ticket from the vending machine and give it to the waiter. And then you get seated to your individual ramen space. You then fill out the form with your choice such as fatty/less fatty soup, or aldente noodle/well cooked, normal or even super aldente noodle, yes to chashu pork or not, green onion or not, garlic or not.  If you wanna copy my recipe, take a look at the picture and copy. Then,  you wait and get your ramen and enjoy your ramen. I like to have my noodle super aldente. I also order another noodle called Kaedama so when you are done with the noodle, I get another round of noodles to put in my soup. They really want you to focus and taste your ramen. I think there may be a table to sit with your friends depending on the location. But why not put yourself into this situation to have a 1 on 1 with your ramen. And good thing's 24 hours open for most of the location, so even the late night after some drinks, it even tastes better!!!

  • web/map 
  • address: Atre Ueno, 7 Chome-1-1 Ueno, Tokyo
  • tel:+81 3-5826-5861
  • open: 24 hours/7 days a week
  • nearest Stations : JR Ueno
  • other locations: shibuya: map harajuku: map and more.