New Castle (ニューキャッスル)

Old School Japanese Curry

it says coffee and spicy rice restaurant. They basically have just those. They have been doing business over 60 years and have not changed the menu or the taste. You get home made curry rice. Menu is little weird and they have named them by the station name. If you are hungry and want egg on top, you say Kawasaki just like the bike brand. If you want regular size but still want egg, say Kamata. Hope this helps ans I don't keven know why he started this weird naming. 




Senkichi Omotesando(千吉 表参道)

Curry Udon Specialty store-Nothing but curry udon.

If you like Curry Udon, go there. If you don’t like, don’t because you just don’t get it. There is not any other udon but curry. 
Must haves: Senkichi Curry Udon(comes with rice and pickle radish)
It’s so creamy milky and mild but there is also spicy version if you wanna sweat more. Make sure to put your apron on and dig it. 

Access: it's right by the Omotesando Station. 



Ichiran Ramen (一蘭)

Alone Time for your ramen

Ichiran is the chain ramen store came from the southern Japan, which is known for its delicious porkbone soup with thin noodles. This place is little different in terms of how you will experience the ramen. You first buy the the ticket from the vending machine and give it to the waiter. And then you get seated to your individual ramen space. You then fill out the form with your choice such as fatty/less fatty soup, or aldente noodle/well cooked, normal or even super aldente noodle, yes to chashu pork or not, green onion or not, garlic or not.  If you wanna copy my recipe, take a look at the picture and copy. Then,  you wait and get your ramen and enjoy your ramen. I like to have my noodle super aldente. I also order another noodle called Kaedama so when you are done with the noodle, I get another round of noodles to put in my soup. They really want you to focus and taste your ramen. I think there may be a table to sit with your friends depending on the location. But why not put yourself into this situation to have a 1 on 1 with your ramen. And good thing's 24 hours open for most of the location, so even the late night after some drinks, it even tastes better!!!

  • web/map 
  • address: Atre Ueno, 7 Chome-1-1 Ueno, Tokyo
  • tel:+81 3-5826-5861
  • open: 24 hours/7 days a week
  • nearest Stations : JR Ueno
  • other locations: shibuya: map harajuku: map and more.