Kinokuniya Bookstore (紀伊国屋)

Just a great book store.

This bookstore has been open since 1927. My mom always told me to just go Kinokuniya all the time whenever I need to find some books when I was a kid. It’s been around long time and I always thought this store has everything you need. I still love spending time in this book store just because I find something and I get inspired. They have from manga, magazine, text book, foreign books to DVDs. Japanese magazines are so fun and so much information always, also so many niche kind of magazines as well. The foreign books are also available.

  • web/map 

  • address: 3-chōme-17-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tōkyō-to 163-8636, Japan

  • tel: +81 3-3354-0131

  • hours: 10-9pm everyday

  • nearest station: JR Shinjuku Station

Don Quijote(ドンキホーテ)

Japanese Costco

This dynamite shopping center offers anything cheap. It's not Costco like, it's the smaller, more Japanese, compact, unique version of it. You can pick party dress, cosmetic, electronics, toys, name it, they probably have it. Anyway, it's in the good city location  like Shibuya and Shinjuku. One time I took my American friends, they were finding some souvenirs to take back home, and they were going thru some toys as well as Japanese snacks. So depends on your needs, it's worth checking out. It's fun to look thru, just like Costco is too. 

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